Meet Kalshi’s CEO & Learn Our 3 Favorite Trades on His New Platform


The world is full of haters who do not even know what they are talking about. For example, boneheads like FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver who think that political prediction markets are fake news.

Obviously, Nasty Nate did not count on today’s podcast guest, Tarek Mansour, raising $30 million from the most sophisticated investors in Silicon Valley, to launch a political gambling exchange* that is seriously badass.

*Kalshi is regulated by the CFTC as a financial product, not a gaming product

And it’s also pretty obvious that having Tarek on the pod means we’re dropping a DOUBLE EPISODE.

On this podcast, you will learn 3 things:

  • How Tarek raised $30 million & what his vision for prediction markets is (05:53-38:30)
  • What our top 3 bets on Kalshi are right now, and how we are playing them (39:19-01:03:23)

Here is TAREK MANSOUR, CEO OF KALSHI, joining the Boys.



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