This Week’s Top 3 Bonds & Longshots & Sinemanchin Mayhem Continues


We’ve got you covered for the weekend. On this podcast, Domer and Pratik join to tell you:

The Top 3 Bonds aka the best virtually risk-free trades to add to your portfolio including:

  • Matthew McConaughey’s Texas Gov hopes (or lack thereof), Trump’s legal problems, and whether or not the filibuster will be Cancel Culture’s next victim

The Top 3 longshots we’re buying for big payouts including…

  • GOP Presidential candidates, the next Speaker of the House, and more

How to protect your money from the madness that is about to unfold in the Kyrsten Sinema/Joe Manchin/Nancy Pelosi street brawl over how much money slides into this Reconciliation bill

  • There are honestly so many bets to win or lose money on Kalshi right now — dine well, bruh



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    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is the case. And being the dummy that I am, I deleted the stems for the recording so we’re stuck with what’s there. Send my apologies to your eardrums.

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