Face Your Fears at Joe Biden’s Town Hall


As you are aware, I am a pure alpha male. The only food products that in any way resemble me are 100% all beef hot dogs and Blazin’ wings at Buffalo Wild Wings (the greatest restaurant on earth). I have honestly been considering getting this tattooed on my neck:

But in spite of all of that, I too am afraid of certain things.

One of those things is “Mention Markets” — bets on whether or not a given politician will say a given word or phrase at a highly publicized event.

They are honestly better than a 12-pack of Columbian nose beers.

If you are an OG on this website, then you know that there was a time when Keendawg was the unquestionable king of mentions.

I went on a streak picking winners that was almost as long as Taylor Swift’s time as a country music singer. To be honest, this streak was so rad that I will be surprised if they do not write folks songs and sea shanties about it.

But during the 2020 debates, I took some bad beats. Lately, I’ve been wondering if I still have the magic at all.

But as 100% all-beef alpha males do not back down from their fears. They face them eye-to-eye. This is why I am so excited to test myself against Polymarket’s bet today:

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I think this is a NO. Here’s why:

This town hall is clearly on the books to help Joe Biden recover from the belly flop his polling numbers have done ever since he turned Afghanistan over to Osama bin Laden’s drinking buddies.

Domestically, this has been complimented by brutal inflation and mounting frustration over everyday people’s inability to get goods or hire workers.

So Biden is clearly taking the stage to address this set of issues:

  • Why COVID is still a thing
  • Why inflation is ripping
  • Why gas prices are up
  • Why you can’t buy anything or find workers

And most importantly…

  • Why his “Build Back Better Plan” is the solution to all of these things

IMO, he’d have to go out of his way to mention Trump by name on any of these topics.

Now, this is a Q&A format, so we can expect a few other issues to be raised by the crowd. This is where the danger is (or the opportunity if you think I am wrong).

Here is a list of the hot potatoes for Trump mentions:

  • “Mr. President why did you make us look like clowns pulling out of Afghanistan?” – SSG OG’s Gaeten and Zubby keep telling me he will throw Trump under the bus here and by name

  • “Mr. President, why can’t you pass a voting rights bill” –> here we have an opportunity for Biden to mention Trump by name to create urgency… “Donald Trump, the President of the United Sates, incited an insurrection to overturn a democratic election. The safest one on record according to his own Homeland Security Secretary… we must pass HR 1”

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Biden has a lot of options to mention Trump without saying his name. Usually, the phrase “my predecessor” is what you’ll hear whenever the current president wants to politely throw shade on the guy before him.

But Joe Biden just waived executive privilege for Trump’s White House records. So he’s not showing 45 much deference these days.

My odds of a Trump mention:

  • Chances he comments on Trump’s record as a president – 99% (he did so at this last town hall)
  • Chances he uses Trumps name – 50%
  • Real odds – 51/49 NO

Animals, what are you going to do? I personally will be facing my fears and betting no.

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Here’s how some of the Boys are playing it

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