Week in Review: Joe Biden Saves Christmas, Texans Reach Their Looney Limit & Cops Won’t Get Vaxxed

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One of the best ways to build a following on the Internet is to say extremely negative things about the world and give people enough anxiety that they will click on whatever bogus news story you are promoting. This is how 99% of the (Fake News) Media operates in 2021.

I personally think that these clickbait zombies have been missing a big story lately though. That story is that Americans seem to be exiting a period of the pandemic that has been fraught with partisan conflict, and are starting to deal with the COVID endgame in practical terms.

It’s kind of messy to watch, but if you watch it closely, you’ll see what I mean. 

Check it out:


This week, Joe Biden, who takes great care to almost always be photographed wearing a mask while in the Oval Office, was spotted un-masked inside Georgetown hotspot Fiola Mare.

Now, let’s give Uncle Joe some credit. He’s a 78-year-old man who has had 2 brain aneurysms. The President is the walking definition of a “high-risk” COVID patient. And as we’ve said, love it or hate it, his strategy to re-open America has been a cautious one.

The good news is that his FDA just approved vaccines for kids, and looks to be on track to approve booster shots for adults over 40.

Knowing this, is the President’s unwillingness to follow his own CDC’s guidance indicative of the ruling class’s “COVID restrictions for thee but not for me” or evidence that things are about to change?


Lately, President Biden has been belly-flopping in public approval polls due in large part to Americans’ concerns over the scarcity of goods and workers, and the price increases that follow when supply can’t keep up with demand.

For the most part, the President’s strategy to combat these issues has been to attack the root cause: the COVID-19 virus. The key to his plan has been a sweeping vaccine mandate for all companies with more than 100 employees, set to go into effect on Dec 8.

But now, freight companies like UPS and FedEx that have a big role to play in easing the national supply crunch are saying that they can’t do both things at once, especially as the Christmas gifting surge approaches.

In other words: Do you want Christmas, Joe Biden? Or do you want vaccines?

When asked about a similar problem in the federal workforce, White House COVID health czar Jeff Zients told reporters, “It’s important to remember this is a process and the point here is to get people vaccinated, not to — not to punish them.”

Okay, but now what?

Sounds like some tough decisions are coming.


What would a COVID conversation be without a stop in Texas?

This past week, Governor Greg Abbott’s bill that would forbid any vaccine mandates in Texas died in the state legislature.  

Remember, this is the same Texas Legislature that recently banned abortions after 6 weeks, and enacted a voting law that triggered 99% of Americans who regularly eat kale. 

We’re keen to chalk this up to an election year stunt from Gov. Abbott, a man who has been taking some ridiculous stances lately to prevent a machine gun-toting psycho from primarying him to the Right. But by killing this vaccinate mandate ban we can get a little glimpse inside of the Republican mind.

Yes, conservatives love to rail against vaccines and masks, but when the ball is in their court, they don’t have the stones to vote these principles into law. Sounds like that hollow virtue-signalling they’re always accusing Democrats of.

Or, there’s the optimist’s take: that the adults are waking up to the fact that we’ll never end this pandemic without a measure of practicality.

Let’s hope so.


What is going on with police officers these days?

In Chicago, cops have been playing chicken with their arch nemesis — not the murderous street gangs who have turned the Great Lakes’ hub of commerce into the USA’s hub of murder — but rather, their boss, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose relationship with CPD is only slightly better than Joe Biden’s relationship with Kim Jung Un.

The issue: a department-wide vaccine mandate that went into effect last week while thousands of officers remained unvaccinated. Lightfoot has threatened to fire any un-vaxxed cop, and the cops response has pretty much been, “bring it on.”

Meanwhile, in very liberal Los Angeles, not-so-liberal Sherriff Alex Villaneuve has taken a different path and announced that he will not be enforcing the vaccine mandate on his deputies.

“I don’t want to be in a position to lose 5, 10% of my workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate,” he told reporters.

It’s a story that is unfolding all over the country, where government workers are refusing to comply with vaccine requirements.

Are these principled stands for individual liberty, or new instances of big city unions trying to shake down City Hall?

Every situation is different, but we’re inclined to take Chicago Fraternal Order of Police VP Michael Mette at his word when it comes to understanding the average public servant’s reservations:

“If we fail to make them bargain with us on this issue, what issue is next?”

Usually, that kind of talk is cause for cynicism.

But it’s nice to at least live in a country where people agree on how to fix a problem… and are now just squabbling over who pays.


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