Why J. Lo and Ben Affleck Aren’t Going to Do What You Think They Will

In today’s edition of, Where in the Hell has my Political Gambling Addiction Taken me, I present you the Polymarket wager-,“Will J.Lo and Benn Affleck get engaged by Thanksgiving.” 

Here are some gems that will give you a legitimate edge in this marketplace: 

Right now the market is surprisingly high for YES even though there’s only six weeks before the deadline. 

That’s primarily because OF a single article in DailyMail which features a prediction from J. Lo’s former publicist that Ben and J. Lo will get hitched in the very near future. 

This single article has then been recycled as clickbait through dozens of other media outlets, all of which remove what I consider to be the most important aspect of the original article…..that being the entire prediction from this publicist is nothing more than an effort to get lots of attention so that he can then plug his sh*ty book that was published a month ago. 


Now, scroll to the bottom and see what the author is really promoting.

Amazon confirms the publish date as last month (Sept 21, 2021).  Such convenient timing to be leaking an A-list Hollywood thirst trap to the tabloids.

As always, the rules for this market deserve a look.

They confirm that the resolution source for this market isn’t a cuckening in the making.

So that’s important because rumors of an engagement will not resolve this market for Yes.  There has to be an official announcement of some kind. 

Also, for those of you who are unversed on the BenLo love timeline, please note that these two already got engaged in 2002 in what must have been the afterglow associated with the success of their box office mega-hit, Gigli.

But I digress, the important part about the 2002 engagement is how Ben and J.Lo chose to make their “official” announcement….specifically, both of these love birds agreed to participate a highly promoted, exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer.  

If you know anything about what networks are willing to do to get exclusive rights to a major story, you realize the ABC likely dropped a big, fat payday on team Bennifer in exchange for exclusive rights to interview them.   

If J. Lo and Ben are thirsty enough to exploit their prior engagement for attention and money flowing from an exclusive primetime interview then, there’s a good chance they will do it again now… especially when one of the parties involved is a self-described pop princess diva and the other thought the final images on these two covers were a good idea-  

So with the publicly announced engagement option, what’s important is keeping your eyes peeled for any “exclusive” interview with both Ben and J.Lo for a major network.  If such an interview is confirmed and also scheduled to take place before turkey day….immediately abandon the NO ship and flip sides to hop aboard the YES gravy train.

But wait there’s more. My descent into the darkest corners of the celeb gossip trash available on the internet has uncovered a few more interesting gems.

First, paparazzi recently took photos of Ben Affleck shopping for jewelry at Tiffany’s. 

Although that is admittedly his likely go to “please forgive me” move after he rips through an all night $400k bender at the poker tables and strip clubs, what I did find particularly interesting is that he went shopping for jewelry at Tiffany’s with both his mom and son.  

Although those images definitely seem to reflect the actions of a man who is about to get engaged, many “sources close” to Bennifer have leaked rumors that suggest the couple may forego a primetime spot to announce their engagement so that they can instead skip a big wedding an elope in secret

In light of the long list of prior, public train wrecks that fill the marriage resumes of both Ben Affleck and J. Lo, I can definitely understand why they would want to avoid another media circus wedding and instead just get married on the DL.

If so, that’s good news for NO shares, because the logistics of a secret wedding before Thanksgiving are on your side. 

  • Specifically, if Bennifer gets eloped that means no “official” announcement will confirm engagement until after the wedding (note- leaks from friends close to couple are not “official” and will not be enough to resolve market for YES)
  • That, in turn, means the only path for a YES win would be for the secret wedding to take place some time before Turkey day.  Halloween is in a week and Thanksgiving is in 6 weeks
  • Therefore, assuming the secret wedding takes place on a weekend that is not Halloween, there are only three weekends left (Nov 5, 12, and 19th) that would result in a win for YES shares

Thanksgivings are not romantic. The odds of a secret wedding should go down as each weekend falls closer to Turkey day.  

Bottom line-  It’s possible that the Bennifer engagement will be “officially announced” before November 25th but, for the reasons listed above, its very unlikely…AND even if I am wrong, NO holders can still use a giant escape hatch to bail on their losing NO shares, by staying alert for any announcements from a major network confirming an exclusive interview with Ben Affleck/J. Lo before Thanksgiving.

Therefore, Zoltar is throwing down a medium play on NO. 

As always, if anything causes my vision of this future to change, the Zoltarmy alerts will be immediately issued first to the invite only SSG discord group, then to the rest of you non-paying rubes.    

For more details on this trade, listen to our recent podcast where I got into this savagely with Keendawg and Pratik.


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