5 Conspiracy Theories Distorting the Virginia Governor’s Race


Let me cut to the chase. This episode of SSG is thicc AF with bettable insights for Tuesday’s Virginia gubernatorial election.

This race has turned into an absolute nightmare for Democrats, as Republican Glenn Youngkin surges into the lead in a recent Fox News poll. Is it his lead real — or an outlier?

I’m glad you asked.

Cutting through all the noise is this week’s guest panelist, Sharko Rubio, who is among the most elite election pickers in the world.

Sharko joins the boys to analyze the 5 biggest conspiracy theories fueling all the betting action on this cricual election. They are:

  • Are polls still brutally skewed and fake?
  • Will Donald Trump’s absence cause Republicans to stay home and note vote?
  • Will Donald Trump’s absence cause depress Dem turnout?
  • Is this a national race tied to Joe Biden? Or a local race tied to critical race theory?
  • Will the results have anything to do with the Infrastructure & Reconciliation bill SNAFU in Congress?

The answers — and the smart money — is here:



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