PredictIt’s CEO Answers All Your Questions


You’ve been asking for it for years, and it is finally here: a tell-all from PredictIt’s CEO, John Phillips, about how things actually work behind the scenes.

On this episode, John graciously explains:

  • PredictIt’s market curation, selection, and resolution processes
  • If/When the $850 market cap will be increased
  • Steps they’ve taken to improve server reliability
  • Possible changes in their trading fees
  • PredictIt’s plan to compete with upstarts Polymarket and Kalshi

That’s right. PredictIt’s CEO is spilling the tea on all their secrets.

After that, we’re going to Virginia where a total banger of an election is underway.

Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe are neck-and-neck, with the momentum (as of today) favoring the GOP in a state that just went Biden +10.

We called in a ringer for this one — Sharko Rubio — one of the absolute savages of election forecasting. We’re covering:

  • Are the “neck-and-neck” polls real, or are they fake?
  • Will the Republicans pull an upset?
  • Where to bet like a degenerate once you’ve picked your side.


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