How the Grinch Stole Build Back Better


At this point it should be 100% obvious to you that Joe Biden’s Build Back Better (née “Human Infrastructure”) is dead. And it always has been.

To be honest, I am pretty sure that the only reason this bill is still around is: (1) to give journalists something to write about; and (2) to give Joe Manchin a reason to be on TV.

So let’s admit what we have been saying at SSG for a solid 6 months: that Build Back Better (BBB) plan is dead and you should be betting accordingly.

Here is why this bill was always destined to flop harder than Amazon TV’s entire lineup:

  • BBB was designed, from the start, to be a garbage dump for progressive Democrats’ priorities that normal people didn’t really care about
  • No one ever even knew what the bill was called. Seriously, the thing went through more name changes this year than Puff Daddy has gone through in his entire career
  • No one ever knew what was in the bill… they just talked about how “bold” it was and also how expensive
  • It is pretty much impossible to sell something when you don’t know what it is. Could you imagine if some joker stopped you on the sidewalk and tried to sell you a greasy bag full of turds for $1 trillion, and when you asked, “what is in that greasy bag,” he said, “IDK but it is very bold.”
  • Joe Manchin has been repeatedly saying that he won’t vote for it

Depending on your level of interest, you could miss on some of these indicators.

But honestly, I have no idea why anyone was willing to bet more than 1c on BBB passing, given that the Senate is split 50-50 and Sen. Joe Manchin was clearly saying from the start that he wouldn’t vote for this bill. BTW, senators are like cockroaches. If you see one senator who is crapping on a bill, that means that there are probably other senators hiding in the walls of the Capitol doing the same.

The fact of the matter is that Joe Manchin actually gave reasons for why he wouldn’t vote for BBB and they were damning AF. Through the past 6 months, he told the press this bill was a no because:

  • Inflation is ripping and dumping another trillion dollars into the economy felt dumb
  • The US can’t afford its existing social safety net so adding new stuff seemed like a bonehead play
  • He doesn’t really care about climate change stuff

This is the political equivalent of dumping your girlfriend and when she asks why, you being like “I’m gay. I love dudes. Sorry.” There really just isn’t a bridge to be had.

Or in other words, BBB was just another bill for Manchin to kill.

Politicians and Their Guns: A Love Story, in Photo-Ops - The Atlantic

For those of you who followed SSG on the dozen or so bets we’ve made on this bill over these months, you are welcome and you are Great Americans.

For those of you who haven’t bet against BBB yet, but are interested in joining me in the winner’s circle, Polymarket has this bet still open and it is underpriced AF. Should be 99/1 (my odds from the beginning).

BBB Passes Before Christmas Eve?


And for those of you who took the other side and are still holding, thank you for your service. 

That’s how the Grinch stole Build Back Better.


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