Only Losers Are Betting Against Matt Gaetz Resigning (#ZoltArmy)


Zoltar is back and bringing his preternatural abilities as both a predictor and degenerate gambler to bare on Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) newest legal problems. Let’s get caught up first:

Obviously, having your ex-girlfriend snitch on you about all those times you ditched her to rip lines with the Boys is not good news for Gaetz. But is it enough to incite a resignation?

That is the meat that Zoltar is here to gnaw on. And fortunately for you, Zoltar is both a lawyer and an expert on substance abuse and strip clubs.

Will Matt Gaetz Resign by March 1?

Earlier this year, Zoltar believed that Rep. Gaetz would not be pinched by the Feds. But both the facts and the odds of the bet have changed.

First, we encourage you to listen to the podcast to get the full story, but for those of you who are true degens like Zoltar, here is the official TLDR:

  • This investigation is getting politicized, so throw out your pre-conceived notions about process, timing, etc.
  • Betting that Gaetz won’t resign at 95c is a trap. There is certainly >5% chance something crazy could happen in the next few weeks to dramatically alter the shape of this case and market.
  • So…

Zoltar has pronounced that the only bet that members of the #ZoltArmy should make is either: (1) don’t play at these odds; or (2) if you are an absolute degenerate who needs gambling to survive, take the long shot on Gaetz resigning. This is truly a degen play and not investing advice. Just whatever you do, don’t by 95c NOs.

And that’s why you need to listen to the whole podcast segment. Matt Gaetz discussion begins at the 42:00 mark.



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