Boris Johnson: 007 Reasons to Bet on His Demise


One of the things that I enjoy the most about having a podcast that gives away bricks of gold for free is getting to surprise our followers with amazing facts.

Here is today’s: did you know that the Queen of England is not actually in charge of the country and that a bloke named Boris Johnson is the real boss?


Anyway, aside from having a very questionable haircut, Boris Johnson is always in the news due to the fact that he was a B-list celebrity for a while, burns through wives faster than Donald Trump, and loves to party. Also, he is the Prime Minister of the UK.

The problem is that BoJo has been partying so hard that the British people are now calling for his head. This is due to the fact that he was hosting ragers at 10 Downing Street while his government had ordered the entire country into lockdown. And this obviously represents a great opportunity to make a few profitable political predictions.

Now, you might think that the UK is a fake news country that was eclipsed by its beautiful child, America, long ago. Approximately 99% of scientists agree with this take too, btw.

But Boris Johnson being in deep doo-doo is a big story for us Americans for 2 reasons:

  1. Boris Johnson loves America way more than most of his likely successors do
  2. There are many opportunities to bet on when Johnson will be ousted

But given the fact that the UK is a whole different country, we called in a ringer to give you some bankable predictions about what will happen to Boris/how soon he will be “sacked” and replaced by a colleague like Michael Gove or Jacob Rees-Dumbledore.

That ringer is Paul Krishnamurty aka “Motty” aka The Political Gambler.

Motty basically invented the field of political gambling 20 years ago and is the Godfather of this entire industry. He also lives in the UK and is very close to this story.

So without further ado, here is a podcast about the soon-to-arrive transition of power in the UK.



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