There Won’t Be Any Supreme Court Surprises This Time


One of the things I value the most in a human being is consistency. People who stick to their principles and do not waiver. People who are 100% predictable. And if there is one thing I am very consistent on it, it is losing money in markets like this one:

Who will be the next Supreme Court nominee?

Honestly, even though I am a proven genius and own a blog that regularly gives away bricks of gold for free, I have a proven track record of losing money in these Who Will X Leader Pick for a Job? markets.

But this Supreme Court pick is different. Here’s why:

I was going to write you a blog about why Leondra Kruger is brutally underpriced at 15c to be Joe Biden’s selection for the Supreme Court. The reasons why are pretty qualitative:

  • Every story that the Fake News Media (FNM) writes about Leondra Kruger makes it very clear that libz have a massive chubby for her.
  • We know that the news media is usually just the marketing arm of the Democratic Party, so if journalists love her, White House insiders do too

Check out Axios’s coverage of Leondra Kruger vs Ketanji Brown Jackson (KBJ), for example:

KRUGER: “Kruger was a highly regarded litigator and has carved out a reputation for working well with conservative judges… Kruger has developed a reputation on the California Supreme Court as moderate and incrementalist, The Los Angeles Times reports, especially in criminal cases.”

KBJ: “The Senate confirmed Jackson to her seat on the powerful D.C. Circuit just last summer, by a 53-44 vote — and that may be one of the strongest arguments in her favor. Every Democrat voted for her six months ago; it’d be hard for them to oppose her now.”

This trend is consistent across publications: they describe Kruger as the judicial golden child, while KBJ gets the write-up your sister would give her under-achieving boyfriend that she is settling for since at least he has a job and is not addicted to porn like the rest of them.

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Honestly, just try to read a profile of KBJ. They are more boring than baseball. Here is another one.

However, at this stage of his presidency, Joe Biden is much more interested in the safe choice. This is due to the fact that his approval ratings are so bad that he would probably lose an election to Athlete’s Foot right now.

What Uncle Joe needs more than anything is a lay-up. An easy win. No surprises. And at face value, that person in Ketanji Brown Jackson. Let’s review:

  • Already a circuit court judge
  • Confirmed with 3 Republican votes
  • Has all the right academic credentials
  • Was vetted as recently as 2021

The last point is arguably the most important: KBJ has been vetted within the past year.

So President Biden can be pretty sure that the RNC isn’t going to discover she was a member of Fidel Castro’s communist youth (Rep. Karen Bass), a tax cheat (Tom Daschle), or a possible sex creep (Brett Kavanaugh).

She’s by far the safest pick. And that’s worth a lot.

The other big risk in this market — and any market of its kind — is that the winner is not even listed yet.

I am much less worried about this being an issue for Justice Breyer’s replacement. This is due to the fact that Joe Biden has told white people, Asians, Latinos, and men not to even bother applying.

Since Biden is limiting his search to black women, that means that <7% of the population is even eligible. On numbers alone, that guarantees a think pool of applicants, and greatly reduces the odds of some random guy like Steve Mnuchin or Deb Haaland sneaking in.

TL:DR — Biden wants to get an easy win and turn his presidency around. That means picking someone who he knows his party will support and that Republicans can’t shred by digging up nasty skeletons in their closet. Lastly, you don’t need to worry much about the nominee coming out of left field. When <7% of the population is even eligible, the list of applicants is easily defined. Ergo…

I’m long KBJ.

Will I break my streak?


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