Is That a Pocket Veto in Your Pants or Are You Just Happy to See Me?


I am not really into cleaning things. Honestly, I personally cannot even sleep in hotels due to the fact that they do not have multiple Modelo cans in the bed sheets + used Taco Bell wrappers on the floor.

However, whenever I do clean stuff up, there is a chance that I will find some treasures lying around. For example, spare change under the couch cushion. A $20 bill in my winter coat. Or my Uncle Chad’s Girls Gone Wild DVDs from 2002.

So, today I was tidying up on PredictIt and discovered this bit of free money under the couch cushion:

Will Joe Biden Veto a Bill This Year?

Here’s why this bet is a gimme:

It would be extremely weird for Joe Biden to veto anything this Congress. Let me remind you that the Democrats currently control both the House and the Senate. So honestly, there is no good reason for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to start tossing legislative hand grenades into the Oval Office. They have basically zero incentive to jam-up the President with a veto threat when everyone is on the same team.

Honestly, going back to Ronald Reagan, the only times I could find a president vetoing a bill written by his own party happened in 2009, when Congress got so tangled-up passing appropriations bills and continuing resolutions that everyone just lost track of what was going on. I am not even exaggerating when I say that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi randomly passed a bonus CR that O’Bama did not even need to sign.

President O’Bama also vetoed a second bill from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. It was an extremely boring item about notaries. But like I said, it was way too boring to actually read, so you are on your own to figure out why.

As for President Clinton, Trump, Bush and George W Bush, none of them vetoed squat until they lost a house of Congress, or inherited an opposition party on the Hill. That’s when the hand grenades start coming in from the Hill.

Finally, the risk of Joe Biden vetoing something is even lower when you consider the fact that Chuck Schumer is in charge of the Senate.

Honestly, Chuck Schumer is such a wimp that he could not even pass gas with 51 votes. The bro still has not confirmed ~99% of Joe Biden’s ambassadors. Even weirder, he spent like a week in January voting on bills that everyone knew were going to get slapped down, like Voting Rights for Minorities (HR 1) and no voting rights for minority parties (“filibuster reform”).

So at this rate, there will be zero bills for Biden to even sign, much less veto.

Let me be clear: No vetoes are coming this year. This is free money. Take it.


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