Will Joe Biden Give the Supreme Court Ball to Leondra “LeBronda” Kruger?


For weeks, we have been beating around the bush about Leondra Kruger, one of Joe Biden’s final 3 contenders for the Supreme Court, and why she is an absolute freight train of jurisprudence that might be headed straight to the highest court in the land.

Yes, this 15c-20c California Supreme Court Justice is a serious contender to fill Stephen Breyer’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

And she’s got a few moves that even frontrunner Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t match. As we’ve said before, Kruger is clearly judicial insiders’ favorite justice in the field.

So let’s go there. Let’s give Leondra Kruger her due. She is an absolute bracket-buster for those of you think that Ketanji Brown Jackson is a shoe-in for Biden’s nomination, or those of you who have eaten enough paint chips/peyote this week to think that J. Michelle Childs will be Joe Biden’s pick.

On this episode of Star Spangled Gamblers, we are going deep on Leondra Kruger. Will she win Biden’s nomination because she is the judicial Golden Child among insiders… or lose it because the path towards confirmation is too long and risky for a state official in California?

King Julien joins to find the answers.



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