In Case You Thought COVID Was Over (It’s Not)


You may not know this about me but I am a very scientific person. For example, I always eat 3 tacos before I slam a 6-pack of Modelos, chug 1 water before bed, and pop 2 Advil at 4 AM the next day so that I wake up like a champion.

Also i stuff Addies up my nose.

Basically, I am a PhD chemist. However, unlike the rest of you, I am not a public health expert who is confident promoting the latest COVID miracle cure that I heard about on Joe Rogan.


So, as we read reports of a new sub-variant that is absolutely ripping in Europe and Asia, it is time to breakdown the known science of COVID (and we do know more now).

Once we do that, we can get down to the important work of degenerately gambling on its course.

If you are like me, this new outbreak has you asking 2 big questions:

  • Will the pandemic ever end; and
  • What are the smart bets?

To answer those two things, science PhD (and expert trader) Jason Pipkin has joined the podcast.

Pipkin was with us about 6 months ago and correctly predicted that the omicron wave was going to make your Christmas suck.

We were skeptical. Those of you who weren’t made a ton of money by taking his advice.

On this podcast, Pipkin is going to tell you why it’s smart to bet on a few things that seem like a contradiction:

  • That new variants of the virus will be hitting very soon; but
  • These new variants are going to be weaker than the hot sauce at Taco Bell; so
  • COVID will be a memory pretty soon.

So if you are ready to get freaked about the next form of COVID-19 that you are going to contract on Spring Break (in addition to that rash…); or if you are looking for a way to find some financial upside by betting on prolonged human suffering, this journey is for you.



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