Who Cares About Trump’s Endorsement?


One of the most important skills that a political gambling degen has is a savage ability to cut through the noise. And lately, former President Trump has been making a lot of it in a few key GOP primaries: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, where the Sleeping (Orange) Giant has awoken and endorsed some surprising candidates.

On this episode of SSG, we’ve got Jim Swift, Senior Editor at The Bulwark, and a proud Ohioan, spitting takes about Trump’s recent endorsement of JD Vance for the Ohio Republican primary on May 3. 

This pick has up-ended betting markets as well as the campaign itself.

We’re also touching on Trump’s other Senate endorsements and whether or not they even matter.

Who Cares About a Trump Endorsement Anyway (OH, PA & AZ)?

What the BUCK is happening in the Buckeye State!?

Those of you who are true savages probably crapped your pants last week when Trump endorsed author JD Vance and nuked most of your bets. Well — there’s light on both sides, animals.

Jim summarized his thoughts about Trump’s endorsement when he said: “Two weeks out [from election day]? What difference is it going to make?”

Swift added that: 

A Trump endorsement is a lot like an atomic bomb or a neutron bomb. And this would also apply to an un-endorsement, as we saw in Arizona. It all depends on what sort of bomb you use and when you use it. 

Now, had Trump endorsed very early, it would have been like a hydrogen bomb. It would have obliterated that huge field of like 7+ candidates. 

Right now, two weeks before this, it’s sort of like dropping a small tactical nuclear weapon in Mariupol… the battle has already happened, you’re losing, it’s like a desperation move.”

His prediction:

“It’s a real race between Gibbons and Mandel. And JD Vance is in third.” 

To hear how we are betting this, and whether or not the SSG boys agree with Swift, you need to get woke to this podcast.

Is Trump’s endorsement a Gold Star for JD Vance… or another Cleveland Steamer from #45?



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