Can Frothing-at-the-Mouth Mo Brooks Pull Off An Upset in Alabama?


Today is the Alabama GOP Primary. Ordinarily, that would mean that we will know who the next Senator from dixie is by bedtime. This is because the Republican candidate is virtually guaranteed to win in Alabama, where the only Dem senator to get elected there in 20+ years did so because he was running against a child molester (Roy Moore).

But the 2022 Republican field is crowded and today’s election will likely result in a run-off. Knowing that, we need to anticipate some further hijinks before issuing an official prediction.

First, remind yourself how we got here.

We recently hosted Cameron Smith, political columnist at, to get you an early read on this race. So listen to that podcast if you aren’t already woke to this 3-way contest between:

  • Katie Britt (Establishment);
  • Mo Brooks (frothing at the mouth); and
  • Mike Durant (MAGA/celebrity)

We found Cameron’s insights to be profitable, so we checked-in with him again to find out what he’s looking for in today’s returns. Here’s what he said:

Or, in other words:

  • Mike Durant is no longer a serious candidate (hope you bet against him when we told you to the first time)
  • Mo Brooks has recovered from Trump’s anti-endorsement and is back in fighting form
  • These 3 candidate swill slice the vote up enough ways that we’ll probably have to do a run-off
  • That run-off is almost guaranteed to be Britt vs. Brooks
  • If/when that run-off occurs, Cameron expects Trump to weigh-in again against Mo Brooks, who Trump recently anti-endorsed for being “woke”
  • This, plus Britt’s many other advantages (discussed on the podcast), will be enough to put her over the top.

Go get ’em, Animals!


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