Bush Scion Gets Piped by AG Under Criminal Indictment. Yikes.


I personally am a serious adrenaline junky. Sometimes I am chasing waves in SoCal. Sometimes I am ripping Modelos with the Boys. And other times, I am mainlining the rush of a small story that tells a much bigger truth. Today we have one such story: the end of the Bush Dynasty in Texas.

Check out how bad George P. Bush, son of Jeb, got smoked in this week’s primary:

Honestly, I do not even know what to say about this.

Imagine if your uncle (George) and grandpa (George HW) were the Presidents of the United States; your dad was the Governor of Florida (Jeb), your cousin (Jenna) was on the Today Show… your opponent (Ken Paxton) was under criminal indictment.. and the best that you could do was get a measly 33% of the vote.

I am pretty sure that I could do better than that with a few MAGA memes and some cringey tweets about China and guns.

Jokes aside, this is not all George P’s fault.

The Republican Party has clearly changed a lot since George W Bush talked about “Compassionate Conservatism.”

I could go on. But the real meat of the Bush Dynasty’s fall is contained below.

We recently hosted Scott Braddock, who is pretty much the #1 savage in the Texas Statehouse. Scott gave us an inside look at what was really going on with George P’s campaign and why it was a bigger loser than the University of Texas’s football program in the post-Mac Brown era.

It’s a story about the changing Republican Party and the shifting politics of Texas itself. Required viewing for political junkies. Oh and if you the words “Blue Texas” mean anything to you — tune in and listen up.


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