After SF, These 3 Woke Pols Are the Next to Lose


As you are probably aware, crime and homeless are basically legal in a lot of cities, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. The main reason why is that bougie people got woke and figured this would be a good thing for their neighborhood.

But after a few years of dodging heroin needles and walking their golden doodles in parks-turned-homeless camps, big city liberals are turning hard against their progressive preferences of yesteryear.

In San Francisco, Virginia, Texas, and Los Angeles, voters have sent strong messages to their leaders by voting out woke DAs and Democratic incumbents; and in the case of Los Angeles, driving one progressive city council member to the verge of suicide (no joke).

Let’s simplify this trend for bettors:

Nationwide, establishment Democrats have come under attack from pro-business, pro-police outsiders. These outsiders are succeeding at winning elections, whether they are primaries or generals, by appealing to voters’ frustration with crime and homelessness.

As election season approaches, we must, therefore, ask a critical question: How far will this trend go?

The TL:DR is right here:


  • Are woke DAs finished?
  • Will LA recall George Gascon?
  • What other elections this fall feature psycho progressives who are massively over-valued against moderates?
  • What about elections in Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York with other Woke vs. Centrist Dems are fighting it out in primaries?

And widening out, we have a whole podcast about the tensions splitting both parties. MAGA vs. Reagan Republicans; and Woke vs. Non-Psychotic Dems.



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