Find the Upside in Liz Cheney’s Primary Defeat


It is all-but-guaranteed that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) will lose her primary tonight to MAGA-backed GOP challenger, Hariet Hageman.

There a few ways to make a quick profit trading this election. According to SSG co-host Pratik Chougule:

Buy some 97c bonds in the main market below. They’ll pay out overnight. I, Keendawg, was able to get some today for 96.

Look for cheap lottos in the margin markets:

The last few weeks have been disastrous for Trump and relatively good for Cheney, so it’s possible that she’ll over-perform expectations. Watch the race closely and you might be able to flip shares from 5-7c to 10-15c (or go all the way, if you’re the gambling type).

For more information on these plays, watch Pratik’s 2 minute video explainer here.


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