No, JD Vance Isn’t Blowing It In Ohio… Yet


There is a lot of fake news on the internet. And right now, depending on what your information source is, you’re hearing one of two stories about America’s greatest swing state, Ohio:

  • Ohio is irrevocably & forever a Red State, thanks to Trump, and JD Vance is going to absolutely nuke Democratic opponent Tim Ryan in the upcoming senate race


  • The Democrats are back, polls are dead-even, and former high school quarterback (and Democratic candidate) Tim Ryan is going to drive the ball right into the electoral endzone in November

One of these opinions is obviously false, which is why we called in ANDREW TOBIAS, CHIEF POLITICAL REPORTER at THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DELAER to give it to us straight.

Translation: the guy who Ohio’s largest newspaper pays to know everything about Ohio politics… is here in the lab, setting you straight on the Buckeye State.


Highlights of the interview includequotes are Andrew’s:

  • Is JD Vance a good candidate? Yes, but he’s “culturally not a good fit” for Republicans
  • Should traders believe the polls? Be careful, polls in Ohio have a history of “undercounting Republican support”
  • How do Republican insiders feel about JD Vance right now? Right now, they’re “south of freaking out but north of concern.”
  • What’s the outlook for this race: “Everybody just assumes that between elections normalizing and tightening closer to the actual election date; and the [$28 million of] answering ads” in Vance’s favor… things “will push along towards the state’s rightward tilt” for a Republican victory.
  • Why does Tim Ryan have such a huge $$$ advantage: After the GOP primary, donors are “totally tapped out.”
  • Why JD Vance is a bad fundraiser: There is “discomfort among the standard Republican donor in Ohio over with how far to the right Vance is on some cultural issues”

Andrew’s perspective is extremely nuanced and in the course of the interview, he also gives a few tips on what counties and regions to watch on election day so that you know you that your political prediction are on the mark.

Listen to or watch the whole podcast. Ohio is a notoriously tricky state. Forewarned is forearmed.

Lastly, most of you animals are absolute crackheads for political minutiae. And this episode is a true goldmine for exactly that when it comes to Ohio politics.



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