Are Progressives Going to Sink Gay Marriage?


It’s football season and the likes of Bill Belichick and Nick Saban aren’t the only ones who are exhausting every single play in their book to advance the ball down the field.

In the Senate, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is doing the same thing with the parliamentary playbook in order to make gay marriage a statutory right.

Passing such a bill would nip away any chance of the courts overturning it the way they did Roe v. Wade

But as the endgame arrives, things are only getting more difficult for Schumer, who has said he will a schedule a vote on such measure in the next few weeks. But obstinance on both the Left and the Right are threatening his ability to succeed.

This is a lucrative betting opportunity across a number of exchanges. And it is one of the more difficult Congressional actions in memory to predict due to:

  • Long-standing Republican opposition to gay marriage
  • Progressive’s unwillingness to compromise and accomodate with religious institutions (remember Hobby Lobby?)

Which is leading to an impasse over:

  • How to include “religious liberty” provisions in a national same-sex marriage law; and
  • If such provisions will shield churches from lawsuits

The theological positions that hardliners on both sides have taken on this issue are making Sen. Schumer’s job difficult.

We already know that conservatives are a hard sell on this issue. The big question we’re watching over here as SSG is–


There are a lot of really interesting angles to this story. Enough to fill a novel. So do yourself a favor and just dip-in for this segment of the Star Spangled Gamblers podcast that takes a 360 view.

If you’re the betting type, this is a big opportunity. We’re too timid to say how it’ll end, but there are some clear indicators to watch that will signal the end game well in advance.



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