World Cup Special with Anthony Dabbundo


Honestly, I wish I could tell you something interesting about politics but for once, it is very boring in Washington, D.C. Things have gotten so dull that Republicans are now telling Joe Biden that he needs to be cooler to union workers &. Bernie Sanders.

Wtf? It feels like the ’90s or something, people have just decided to be chill for a minute.

Fortunately, for those of you who are into treachery, corruption, and transnational pettiness, the World Cup is currently happening in Qatar. And Team USA seems to be doing pretty well.

On this episode of SSG, Anthony Dabbundo from The Action Network joins to talk about the U.S. hopes as well as as some fundamentals for predicting and betting soccer matches.

World Cup Special with Anthony Dabbundo

Topics covered:

  • Does the USA have a chance at beating The Netherlands?
  • Is Brazil too good to be true?
  • Which curses and superstitions will be effecting play on the field?
  • Is it possible to beat the markets in soccer?

And of course…

  • A quick update on the biggest bettable stories in politics right now


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