Did Kalshi Kill PredictIt and Polymarket? + Harvard Affirmative Action Case

Kalshi is the focus of this episode.

In the introduction, Pratik provides a theory on what role Kalshi might have played in the regulatory crackdowns against PredictIt and Polymarket. 

In part 1, Will Arnesen, head of the markets team at Kalshi, explains how the Supreme Court might rule in the Harvard affirmative action case and how traders can avoid a rules cuck in the Kalshi market.

In part 2, Pratik, Gaeten, and Zoltar continue coverage of the Golden Modelos with discussion on the best market of the year.

In the final segment, Ben Rapport from Kalshi joins the show. He denies that Kalshi killed PredictIt, explains Kalshi’s plan to roll out more political markets, and gives PredictIt users a generous incentive to move their funds to Kalshi.


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