How to Bet the Trump Indictment + Julie Su’s Confirmation Problems

Trump Indictment

Jason Pipkin returns to the show to discuss how the markets are reacting to the Trump indictment and which longshots might emerge from the carnage of Trump’s legal problems.

The Future of Kalshi

Zubby Badger explains his new role at Kalshi and makes the case for why the company deserves the support of the degen community.

Confirmation Hearings

Zubby does a deep dive into the nominations of two important Biden appointees being considered before the Senate: Julie Su for Labor Secretary and Jared Bernstein for Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers. Markets for both nominees are available on Kalshi.

Zubby also provides a tutorial on how to crack confirmation markets, which are among the most lucrative in the political offseason.

Golden Modelos

Gaeten Dugas and Zoltar conclude coverage of the 2022 Golden Modelos by awarding the Trader of the Year.


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