2024 Republican Longshots and Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Republican Longshots (3% or less)

Jason Pipkin and Pratik Chougule discuss which longshots for the Republican nomination for president are worth buying. They discuss not only candidates that are likely running, but also a few that might spike in the markets if we see chaos in the race.

(Editor’s Note: This podcast was recorded before Mike Pompeo announced that he would not running for president.)

Debt Ceiling Negotiations: When Biden and McCarthy Will Close a Deal

Zubby Badger assesses when Congress and the Biden administration are likely to reach a debt ceiling deal

Regulatory Outlook on Political Gambling

Casino.org reporter Steve Bittenbender explains why political gambling liberalization might not happen until the 2028 elections.

Zoltar “Retires”

Zoltar announces his “retirement” from political gambling. Pratik is skeptical and calls for a contract on Manifold Markets to determine the actual odds.


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