What is Star Spangled Gamblers?

Star Spangled Gamblers is a political gambling blog and podcast run by Keendawg, who is a former legislative aide and current screenwriter in Hollywood. We use a platform called PredictIt to wager. It’s safe, legal, and fun. For more on this and for a brief tutorial on PredictIt trading, see our post WTF is Political Gambling?

Isn’t gambling on politics morally depraved?

No. We think that America needs a way to discuss current affairs outside of the heightened, polarized, and theological context that’s so popular today. So we’ve got a blog and a podcast that only asks one question: What will happen? And why?

The Star Spangled Gamblers talk about politics like it’s sports — and it’s made us all happier people.

How does PredictIt Work?

See our post, WTF is Political Gambling?

Who are you?

Keendawg is a beach bum living in LA. He worked for five years as a legislative aide in the U.S. House of Representatives and is currently a television writer in Hollywood. Contributors to this page and the podcast come from all over the country and are experts in diverse fields. Past guests have included ex-politicos, lawyers, journalists, professional gamblers, and TV commentators.

How can we reach you?

T: @keendawgssg

I: @starspangledgamblers


Though we have an unhealthy level of confidence in our ability to pick winners in Washington, our legal department says we should mention that this is in no way real financial advice. Talk to a professional for that. We’re just gambling addicts.

And BTW, generally assume that we are trading in all of the markets we write about. This website isn’t a pump and dump scheme, but you should know that we’re trying to make money in all the places we’re writing about.